Poeta Magica


A sentimental lovesong expressing what is often left unsaid.
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Line up

  • „Shadia“ Katja Hütte (Keltische Harfe, Metallsaitenharfe (Clarsach), Nyc)
  • Boris Koller  (Quartston-Nyckelharpa)
  • Friederike Funke (Percussion, Davul, Def, Udu, Darbuka, harpa )
  • Holger Funke (Sopran-, Alto-, Tenor- und Grossbass-Nyckelharpa )
  • Jørgen Lang (Gitarre, Bariton-Cister, Low-Whistle)
  • Saga Björling (vocals)
  • Thomas Schlitt (drums)


Founded in 1992, the german-swedish ensemble Poeta Magica pioneered a new musical genre which is called "Nordic World Music". The ensemble performs in concerts and international festivals. They even were invited to perform for the royal families of Norway and Sweden. So far the band has published over one dozen albums. As guest musicians they were starring in many CD- and movie productions. Poeta Magica also provide the soundtrack and equipment for many movie and TV-productions.
Poeta Magica create a combination of music and acting that spans across the boundaries of different regional traditions. Embedded between the archaic sounds of northern nordic origin and the silky melodies of Sweden, the ensemble develops their own blend of music that spans space and time.
With great virtuosity the musicians forge different traditions, sounds and musicals styles into a convincing artistic synthesis — ever-changing, continuously developing, always rhythmical, yet delicate, invariably eciting and diverse.