Tęgie Chłopy (Poland)

Tęgie Chłopy (Poland)
fot. G. Domanski
fot. T. Knittel
fot. J. Nowotyński


album "Wesele!"
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Music video with band's village master, Stanislaw Witkowski
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  • country:Poland
  • style(s):East European, Roots
  • label:Wodzirej Michal Zak
  • type:Large Ensemble
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:vocal, string, woodwind, brass, dance orchestra
  • artist posted by:Wodzirej Michał Żak

Line up

  • Dorota Murzynowska (drums)
  • Ewa Grochowska (violin & vocals)
  • Maciej Filipczuk (violin & vocals)
  • Maniucha Bikont (tuba & vocals)
  • Marcin Zytomirski (violin & vocals)
  • Mateusz Kowalski (accordion & vocals)
  • Michal Maziarz (violin & vocals)
  • Michal Zak (clarinet, soprano saxophone & vocals)
  • Szczepan Pospieszalski (trumpet & vocals)


Showcase Times:
Wednesday 21 October 18:30 CEST
Wednesday 21 October 21:00 CEST

Nine-piece string'n'brass band Tegie Chlopy invite us back to the golden days of the village wedding dance, reviving floor-filling foxtrots, tangos, polkas, mazurkas and more with full-on fervour. The band's home region of Kielce in Central Poland has long been associated with brass band music and they continue this tradition with trumpet, saxophone, clarinet and bass tuba adding sonorous weight to the folk ensemble line-up of violins, accordion and drum. Their award-winning 2015 debut album, Dansing, featured their mentor, 84-year old multi-instrumentalist Stanislaw Witkowski of the region's legendary wedding band, the Witkowski Brothers, passing on the tricks of the trade, on full display on the 2017 follow-up, Wesele! (Wedding!). Tegie Chlopy have enlivened stages of all sizes throughout Poland and have exported their energetic old style groove to festivals from Scandinavia to South Korea.

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