Dani Larkin (Ireland/UK)

Dani Larkin (Ireland/UK)
  • country:Ireland
  • label:not signed
  • artist posted by:Wright, Jo

Line up

  • Dani Larkin (lead artist)
  • George Sloan  (percussion, vocals)
  • Kate Squires  (viola, vocals)


Dani Larkin's songs voyage through stories drawn from mythology and folklore, ruminations on love and relationships, and experiences of wildness, loss, queerness, love and mystery, steered with a gentle strength and engagingly calm conviction. Born and raised in Armagh on the Ulster side of the Irish borderlands, she's attuned to existing in the middle of two jurisdictions, two systems of government, two arts scenes, and her songs reflect the awareness of what divides and what unites, a sense enhanced by her experiences as a peace-building and conflict transformation facilitator in Palestine, Israel, Romania, Indonesia and Colombia. Her debut album, Notes For a Maiden Warrior, recorded during lock-down, brought her nominations for Best Album at the Northern Ireland Music prize, and for Best Emerging Act at Ireland's RTE Folk Awards in 2021. Her emergence continues.

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Dani Larkin (Ireland/UK)