Reem Talhami

Reem Talhami, known of her operatic voice is a professional performer and one of the well-known and renowned female voices in Palestine. Reem presents a new side of voice abilities as part of her seeking after quality and chances of expanding the voice to different styles and experiences.
She graduated from the music academy in singing and voice training, and started her artistic journey in the beginnings of the 1990’s. Reem was a leading vocalist for some of the well-known groups in Palestine like “Ghurbeh” and “Washem”. She has performed intensively in Palestine individually and as part of groups. In cooperation with the Greek Pianist, Sarandis Kassaras, Reem has prepared a distinctive program of solo singing with Piano, which was performed in Egypt and Tunisia. In addition, she has been part of an Arab Orchestra in Tunisia gathering a large number of Arab artists and musicians.
Currently, she is working on two programs; a duet program with the Palestinian musician and singer Jamil Sayeh, accompanied by Zimar Group, and another program as solo singer with Zimar Group. Both programs include old revived songs for Palestinian groups, in addition to new compositions of lyrics and music by the participant musicians.
In the coming months the group will be touring in Belgium and is expected to have performances in Palestine, Jordan, Zanzibar and Spain.