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Line up

  • Agnieszka Frączyk (violin)
  • Błażej Koza (clarinet)
  • Damian Kluźniak (keyboards)
  • Piotr Nikoli (accordion)
  • Tomasz Drozdek (drums)
  • Wojciech Cyndecki (bass)
  • Wojciech Turbiarz (banjo, vocal)


MAKABUNDA is a band from Częstochowa (a famous city in the south of Poland) founded by Wojciech Turbiarz, leader of HABAKUK, the legend of the Polish Reggae Scene. A few years ago Turbiarz got fascinated with music of pre-war period (20’s and 30’s) created by top artists of those days living in Warsaw, capital of Poland, and Lviv, an Ukrainian city which before World War II belonged to Poland.
His music fascination resulted in finding archives with forgotten songs and melodies and reviving them with his band. Music written almost one hundred years ago got a new life thanks to musicians from MAKABUNDA. Foxtrots, swings, Polish tangoes, and waltzes written at the beginning of the 20th century, played by young people living at the beginning of 21 century attract listeners of different generations. The group of fans of MAKABUNDA ranges from young adults to seniors and the band is widely recognized in Poland thanks to its regular co-operation with the Polish Radio and concerts played all over the country.
The word „makabunda” comes from the pre-war dialect used in Lviv and refers to guttersnipes who roamed the city and played their music.
The spirit of Polish retro combined with fresh energy of musicians connected with the Polish Reggae Scene; klezmer sound of clarinet, accordion, banjo and violin based on solid dance rhythms with a pinch of reggae pulse… Ladies and Gentlemen! This is MAKABUNDA!!!