• country:Malaysia
  • style(s):World
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band
  • artist posted by:Zaman Production

Line up

  • Arthur Borman Kanying  (pratuokng)
  • Artwell Felix Edmund Jawa (pratuokng)
  • Rasa Yuyus (gaduok)


The Madeeh ensemble play Bidayuh roots music from the upper Padawan region of Sarawak. The instruments are part of a centuries-old tradition of music and dance, developed in the communal life of the longhouses that were once the main way of life in the area. The instruments are: the pratuokng, a zither made from a bamboo tube; sritakng xylophone and the gaduok hand-drum. They are played together as one instrument with interlocking rhythms and interlacing melodic patterns weaving together into a hypnotic whole. Madeeh means: cousins, relatives, brotherhood or sisterhood and the ensemble members are all related and come from the same longhouse. They are led by Arthur Borman 'Bai Kis' Kanying, an expert on the history of the Bidayuh people and on searching out the best bamboo for making the traditional instruments.