"Friture Havasi / Le Cocek d’Anderlecht" - Bernard Orchestar

Bernard Orchestar


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  • artist:Bernard Orchestar
  • release year:2021
  • style(s):Electronic, Folk
  • country:Belgium
  • formats:LP / Vinyl
  • record posted by:Zephyrus Music
  • label:Zephyrus Music


Releasedate: 22 october 2021

Fitness vs Friture?
Balkan electro rave outfit from Brussels deliver their first single at Zephyrus Records.Two kick-driven tracks with edgy horns and futuristic synths pay tribute to oriental sounds and belly dance.You’re welcome to join the dance floor for an athletes’ warm-up!

“Delicious beats and sublime horns bring something contemporary that’s impossible not to dance to.” – Luminous Dash

“Op hun eigen manier brengt de band hommage aan oosterse klanken en bellydance, garant voor een dansvloer waar ieder spontaan z’n beste atletische work-out moves tevoorschijn haalt. ” – Folk (Muziekmozaïek)