189 MHz _ Creative Frequency

189 MHz _ creative frequency

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189 MHz – creative frequency – is an independent platform & business tool, created in Barcelona in 2011, that offers a wide range of cultural production services.
Our goal is to promote cultural activities and multidisciplinary projects, encouraging art, creativity and participatory actions around the globe.

Specialized in music, visual arts, curatorial and production of festivals and cultural events in Barcelona, Europe, 189MHz will soon start its activities in Brazil.
Working in collaboration with institutions, associations and cultural centers and ONG´s, proposing and carrying out projects to multidisciplinary festivals, activities and discussions about art and contemporary culture, in addition to curating festivals and events.

The 189MHz platform founder and cordinator is the tireless brazilian artist, Marise Cardoso, director of two important Festivals: PULGAS MIX, dedicated of new tendences, fashion, music and cinema and FEMELEK dedicated to the women, art and technology, both em Barcelona, with more than 25 editions released in 10 years.

ACTIVITIES 189 MHz _ 2011/2012

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Remarkable musical project from two Brazilian sisters, Marise aka djiiva* and Amarilis Cardoso. Their music is original and delightfully fresh, composed from electronic beats mixed with rhythms of afroLatin roots, interesting vocal games and impelling stage performance. As brazilian immigrants in Barcelona sice 2000, NSISTA not only recognize their ethnically mixed background, but explore it thoroughly, delving into the very depths of the myths and sound of Afro-Brazilian culture. From this position, they embark on creating music and live performances that reflect tradition whilst transforming it into something completely new.


Marise Cardoso aka djiiva* is a Brazilian Dj and Producer, who lives and works in Barcelona since 2000. Dynamic, tireless and creative, Marise is a multi-talent. The music of djiiva* is a trip where electronic beats are mixed with warm and groovy sounds, reminiscent of black music and the infinite afro brazilian & latin influences . djiiva* use to present in Dj Live Sets, her most recent productions, surprising with her powerful feminine flow. Listen with attention. It is electronic music with soul.


Planet Thanks Project was developed by the multidisciplinary artist Amarilis Vitale Cardoso focused on recycling and environmental awareness in the form of a musical performance, creative recycling workshops and other educational activities. Proposes a sound and visual experience that stimulates the 5 senses and creates in children and parents aware of the need to respect the planet and all living things. The project has participated in many artistic activities in Europe and Brazil since 2008, colaborating with artistic events and colectives. The music can be downloaded for free in their website.


* Festivals * Curation and Production:

PULGAS MIX _ Festival de Cultura en Acción // New tendences FESTIVAL // Barcelona
The overall objective of PULGAS MIX, Culture in Action Festival, since 10 years of intense activities, is still creating a platform of expression and promotion for new artists in the city of Barcelona in the areas of fashion, music, cinema, urban art and art education. It also aims to narrow the educational link between artists and society, through educational workshops and environmental actions about recycling, creating platforms of exchange. Created in 2003, PULGAS MIX had 17 editions, more than 1000 artists involved, and an audience that reaches more than 100,000 people.


FEMELEK _ women, art & tecnology
Is the festival that aims to encourage and promote the development of women in the world of creation and new technologies. FEMELEK has been already managed to become the annual presentation of creative technology, music and visual art nationally and internationally. The festival borns and remains as a space for reflection and a meeting point for women artists from all over the world, shaping different musical disciplines, visual and technology, expressed individually or collectively from all over the globe thanks to networking. FEMELEK´s edition after edition reflects the great cast of creative women who “connected anytime, anywhere “, individually or collectively, are a reflection of all those women who go and explore by themselves the need for artistic expression.


* Fashion & Recycling
Sustainable fashion, also called ECO fashion, is a part of the growing design philosophy and trend of sustainability, the goal of which is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of environmentalism and social responsibility. NSISTA always works with this concept, and their look consisting of use recycled materials such fabric, plastic bottles, paper and other materials to form post modern pieces which reflects their Do It Yourself attitude.

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