"Bobo-Dioulasso" - LANAYA

Debut.Album LANAYA


People who are not educated, should be supported by all people!
  • 1 Lombalia
  • 2 Magni
  • 3 Sontan
  • 4 Bobo-Dioulasso
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Modern Manding Music from Burkina Faso
All musicians of this debut album of LANAYA (engl. faith) come from Burkina Faso, West Africa and use the rich cultural and musical heritage from the people of the Manding. They have a profound cultural and musical background and have managed to create a very own sound which is going far beyond the songs usually heard on African drum concerts. Performed are the world-famous, powerful and furious rhythms, songs and dances of the Manding Tribes: Bobo, Bissa and Siamou on the borders Mali, Ghana and Ivory Coast. Even the music-instruments are from these different regions and usually dont play together in one group!

The entire repertoire was arranged by own means and modern style elements. They manage to interpret partly ancient, soft or powerful, sad or happy songs with harmonic grooving melodies and rhythmic African improvisations over and over again..

They received the 1st Price at „Sharq Taronalari“ at an international competition in Uzbekistan (supported by UNESCO) as well as the „Creole Award“ in Berlin & Brandenburg.

Abdoul Aziz Sinka – Bandleader and Cultural mediator – regularly invites musicians and dancers as guests from Burkina Faso and is able to convince and delight the audience with their original way and complicity.
He is a producer of the Burkina-Faso-Festival WOKA KUMA in Berlin and also of FESTICO, Festival for traditional music & dance in Bobo-Dioulasso in Burkina Faso with „Kreative Brücke of international artists and education providers“. He works with Interkunst e.V.: Music, Theatre, Dance project „Instant Acts“ against violence and rassism at schools and juvenile prisons with burkinabe musicians in Germany.
Since 2002, he acts in various cultural hats, e.g. send school books to Bobo-Dioulasso, place orphans with 70 godparents in Germany and is involved in different Women’s issues in Burkina Faso.

The songs:
„Ben“ (Peace) To preserve international understanding and tolerance for all religions.
„Lombalia“ (Incomprehension) People who are not educated, should be supported by all people!
„Ambiance“ Tribute to all percussion players
„Faso Barka“ (Thanks to Homeland)Thanks to all the women, men and children who are helping to improve the country.
„Pedaler“ Bicycling is annoying in the heat, the sun beats, the sweat drips, the breath is out.
„Magni“ (The End) A bad end is not good, we do not want to be sad! Homage to all artists.
„Tounga“ (Adventure) Adventurer: don’t forget the origin! Go back to the roots and honour the ancestors.
„Ambe Kafo“ Let's groove together, play music, celebrate - that's the best!
„Sontan“ (Feeling) No matter who you are: Be open to all and you will get a good feeling of the people back.
„Bobo-Dioulasso“ The Capital of Culture and Business Town of Burkina Faso – We love you!