Fernando Ferreira
CD Cover Mantenhas


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The song that opens the album “Mantenhas”, we hear the sound of a percussion. It is a sound that exists as a gateway to a journey that we do not know where is going to takes us, a sound that accustoms us to the strangeness of a path even before we know that it is a path.

Everything in this work is a call.

To tolerance - because each song lives from the enormous challenge of uniting continents, cultures and skin.

Freedom - because it is a work open to the world and its diversity. With the extraordinary ability to allow us to expand the world as only Africans can. But also with the talent to add a cosmopolitan European influence to the origins.

Fernando Ferreira's Africa, which we hear in these songs that he now presents to the world, is an almost metaphysical continent. It lives in the memory of itself and a place of happiness, but it is not an exact place, a little bit like a childhood meal, unrepeatable, unique and pure. Somehow, “Mantenhas”, the same as saying “Salutation”, corresponds to a mythical search for the lost purity, the search for a world in which there is light, open fields and an idea of ​​happiness - whatever that it is.
In these magnificent songs are the mornas and the coladeira, but also the music of the Mediterranean ports or the jazz. There are MPB and a fado that is hardly recognized without excavation, work for archaeologists, travelers or dreamers.

It is an album of a man without a country, but who will never be stateless. Fernando Ferreira is the opposite of that, someone who wants to carry as many homelands as they can fit. He himself sings that "he did not love because he wanted the whole world", in one of the most beautiful verses of "Mantenhas".

If in the first song a door opens, in the last one life is exalted with a party ending that calls us to be bigger, that calls us to a dance that, like love, can save us from the ashes of a gray time and obscure.
To listen.

And keep it whenever we need to travel without luggage, free as children. Helpless in a protection of freedom.

Luís Osório