Luiz Caracol
New album "Metade"
Recording "Metade"


New album September 2016
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Special guest - Sara Tavares
  • Tava na tua
  • Samba do Bairro
  • Por Acaso
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Line up

  • Ivo Costa (Drums and percussion)
  • Luiz Caracol (Guitar, voice)
  • Xico Santos (Bass)


Luiz Caracol
Luiz Caracol, Portuguese singer and author, composes his own music based on the strong cultural
miscegenation that the Portuguese language countries and cultures have on him. His work is particular
and unique, like himself.
It is impossible not to recognize his music right away. If you listen to him once, you´ll never forget its
rhythm, beat, heart and soul. His music reflects his identity, and that is something very special.
Born in south Portugal, Luiz grew up in a cultural mixed environment. His family lived in Angola and
they moved to Portugal to a place where many African and Brazilian moved to. That had a great
influence on him, both as a person and as a musician.
Over the last years he has participated in projects and shared the stage with artists such as Sara
Tavares, Jorge Palma, Pierre Aderne, Aline Frazão, Susana Travassos, Manecas Costa, Fernanda Abreu,
Uxia or Tito Paris, among others.
He participated in the documentary “MPB - Música Portuguesa Brasileira” (MPB – Portuguese Brazilian
Music) in 2011, broadcasted by the national Portuguese television in Portugal and the Brasil channel of
the Globo network in Brazil.
In 2012 started to work on his first solo album Devagar, launched in the markets in 2013, with special
guests such as Fernanda Abreu, Valete and Sara Tavares. Devagar entered the list of the Fnac top sold
albums for more than one month.
Since then Luiz has been promoting and sharing his music while performing in different stages in
Portugal and Brazil, in Europe and Africa. His last tour in the east coast of the USA in August 2015 was
one of his greatest successes.

On Tour

Luiz Caracol

Luiz Caracol