Helge Lien Trio

Helge Lien Trio


Composed by Helge Lien, from the album Asymmetrics (DIW 2003)
  • 1 Nav og Natt
  • 2 Little Sunflower
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  • country:Norway
  • style(s):Jazz
  • label:DIW / Curling Legs
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist posted by:Arvmusic - chiessiproductions

Line up

  • Frode Berg (bass)
  • Helge Lien (piano)
  • Knut Aalefjær (drums)


Helge Lien Trio (Norway) is a vital and highly original modern jazz trio. The repertoire is based on Lien's compositions as well as some dramatically new interpretations of known "standards". The trio comes out as a unique mix of jazz tradition and avant garde improvisation. The arrangements are often born through open improvisation on the material, and the listeners are witness' to exiting dialogs between the three musicians. All three members of the trio is on a very high level on their instrument, in addition to having a unique personal style of playing.

Helge Lien Trio has released five albums since 2001, three of them on the famous japanese label DIW. They have received overwhelming critics both in Norway and abroad, and they were nominated for the norwegian grammy for the album "Spiral Circle" in 2002. The trio has played at the majority of the Norwegian jazz festivals, including Molde Int Jazz Festival, Nattjazz in Bergen and Maijazz - Stavanger. They have also played in cities like Tokyo, Vancouver, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. The trio has recived "Ensemble Support" from ART COUNCIL NORWAY since 2003.

Helge Lien (b. 1975)
Helge has in recent years marked himself as a very strong and personal jazz musician & improviser, and is regarded as an important performer in the exiting Norwegian tradition of jazz and improvised music. He has released several CD's with his own projects in the jazz/contemporary genre, e.g.: Tri O'Trang, Hero & Solo Piano, and he is also the pianist of the norwegian singer/composer Silje Nergaard.
Helge is a powerful, lyrical and highly dynamic pianist holding excellent technical abilities and a sublime musical personality.

Frode Berg (b. 1971)
Frode is one of the most frequently used bass players in Norway today, both live and in the studio. He is an excellent ensemble musician and a really strong soloist, he has an unsurpassable technique and musicality, and he plays all kinds of basses including the upright bass. (In Helge Lien Trio he plays acoustic bass exclusively.) Frode will release his debut CD as a band leader with the "Frode Berg Quartet" on Nagel-Heyer Records (Germany) during 2003, presenting mainly his own compositions.

Knut Aalefjaer (b. 1974)
Knut is educated as a classical percussionist at the State Academy of Music in Oslo, in addition to his work as a jazz/pop drummer. Knut is working a lot in the borderline between contemporary music and improvisation, and he is a highly respected performer in the Norwegian contemporary environment. Knut is a very playful and unique drummer, a strong personality who always brings his own special touch into everything he's doing. His wide experience with classical & contemporary music also gives him a huge spectre of elements to work with in his improvisations.