Balkan Brass Battle


happy, energetic, wild, cinematic, cover version
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Line up

  • Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra
  • Fanfare Ciocarlia


Rural Romanian veterans take on Urban Macedonian contenders for the heavy weight brass title The monster sound just got wilder

It all started in 2011 when Romania's Fanfare Ciocarlia squared up against Serbia's Boban & Marko Markovic Orkestar. On one stage the two great veteran Gypsy brass orchestras went toe-2-toe. After constantly touring Europe and battling night-after-night only one orchestra was left in the ring...Fanfare Ciocarlia

But a champion knows no peace. Now, the Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra, the youthful contenders from Noerthern Macedonia, have stepped up and demanded a shot at the title. Let the battle begin!

Where champions Fanfare Ciocarlia come from a tiny village in isolated northern Romania, the Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra arose from the Gypsy ghettoes on the outskirts of Strumica. Where Fanfare Ciocarlia are steeped in traditional Gypsy music with roots in the 19th Century Dzambo Agusevi's sound is that of 21st Century city dwellers: funk, hard and oriental pop inform their brass blast.

Will Fanfare Ciocarlia, the Mohammed Ali's of Balkan Brass, be capable of using their skills and experience to vanquish Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra, Gypsy music's Mike Tyson? Fanfare Ciocarlia are Balkan warriors, old and tough and very crafty. The Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra is young and fast and unforgiving. When both bands go head to head this promises to be a musical battle royal of epic proportions.

Balkan Brass Battle Redux sees Fanfare's Gypsy traditional music go up against Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra's urban street music. Each concert will see the audience deciding which band rocks hardest Balkan Brass Battle Redux is the most exciting, visceral, big fun roots music event on earth
Let's get ready to rummmmbbbble