Asphalt Tango Records GmbH

The leading voice in Gypsy, Balkan & Eastern European music

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Asphalt Tango Records brings the wild wild east to the stages of this world! We have been causing a sensation for more than 25 years as the leading concert booking agency, and perhaps the most important go-to destination for Gypsy, Brass, and Balkan music. Successfully placing countless Roma talents from Eastern Europe into the spotlight of the World Music live scene. Asphalt Tango Records represents many of the key artists most sonorous with Balkan brass and Gypsy music, including Gypsy brass legends Fanfare Ciocarlia (Romania), Bucharest's Gypsy group Mahala Rai Banda (Romania), the "funky tiger" Dzambo Agusevi and his Orchestra (North Macedonia), Rock'n'Roma activists Kal (Serbia) as well as Eastern European folk artists Besh o droM (Hungary), and Cigdem Aslan (Turkey).

In addition to our many Eastern European artists, Asphalt Tango Records also represents a diverse roster of incredible artists from many different musical backgrounds, often inspired and influenced by Eastern European roots. The list includes such acts as the "Gypsybilly King" Adrian Raso (Canada), the "agro-Romantic" hardcore rockers of Zdob si Zdub, Skandinavia's Flamenco guitar wizard Robert "Robi" Svärd, and sampling magician and sound inventor Kottarashky and his Rain Dogs (Bulgaria).

With more than 3000 concerts and over 500 tours worldwide under our belt, Asphalt Tango Records has a vast expanse of know-how, not only in the field of concert booking but also in the organization and execution of large tours. Our extensive experience in planning and executing tour productions in countries and regions including North and South America, Japan, Australia, and Europe, has allowed us to not only build a broad contact network but also acquire all the equipment and personnel necessary to successfully produce live tours as a one-stop package. With the ability to provide our artists with their own vehicle fleet and professional tour management, including sound engineers, lighting, and merchandising.



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Fanfare Ciocarlia album "It Wasn't Hard To Love You" OUT NOW

25 YEARS AGO:A seemingly endless and bumpy road...

Fanfare Ciocarlia album OUT NOW

25 YEARS AGO:A seemingly endless and bumpy road...


"It Wasn't Hard To Love You" - FANFARE CIOCARLIA


"Kumushki Pjut" - VOLGA

"Walk On (single)" - ANNIQUE

"Love Party" - YA TOSIBA

"Heads Up" - ANNIQUE


"Mortissa" - CIGDEM ASLAN

"Basta Mafia" - ZDOB SI ZDUB

"Revolve" - LA CHERGA


"Songs Unrecantable" - ERSATZMUSIKA

"Play-Station" - MOTION TRIO

"Fake No More" - LA CHERGA

"Kal" - KAL

"Voice Letter" - ERSATZ MUSIKA

"Waltz Rromano" - Earth Wheel Sky band

"Can't Make Me!" - BESH O DROM