"Voice Letter" - ERSATZ MUSIKA



These 6 Berlin-based musicians spent a large proportion of their lives in the USSR - that mythical and legendary place beyond the iron curtain where Gypsies sing of woollen boots, worshippers of Mammon decry broken hearts and glasses sing paeans to lost love. And where, what is more, the troubadour is an outlaw.
Despite the distance that Ersatz Musika keeps to dub, urban folk, world, minimalism and balladeering, the group’s music proves strangely familiar to audiences of these musical strains. Yet their music is not an eclectic lucky dip, but rather a collection of acoustic letters in a strange vernacular, a human-made-for-human ersatz for the sounds of information-age intercourse. It goes out with love…

CD “Voice Letter” 2007 on Asphalt Tango Records