Robert Svärd


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This is the story of a Swedish guitarist who was invited to a baptism in Granada, which turned out to be a huge celebrity party in the flamenco world. The world’s most celebrated Swedish Flamenco guitarist. Born in 1975 (Gothenburg, Sweden), Robert “Robi” Svärd´s interest in the guitar awakened at an early age. At the age of four he strummed his first chords on this instrument which was to captivate him until the present day. In 1992, Robi left Sweden to continue his music studies at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Australia, under the guidance of Gregory Pikler. During his many years in Australia, Robi developed into a skillful musician and artist, becoming the recipient of numerous prizes and awards including the nomination for “The Young Achievers Award 1997”, and being invited to perform on numerous occasions at the Sydney Opera House and the many TV and radio performances. In 1998 Robi moved to Seville, Spain, to study flamenco, where he was quickly recognised for his rhythmic and technical ability earning respect from the “flamencos” of Seville. During his four year stay Robi performed with and appeared on the recordings of some of the most popular musicians and dancers of Spain, including Rafael Amador of Pata Negra, El Pechuga, La Cabra Mecánica. The album “Vestidos de Domingo”, by La Cabra Mecánica, featuring Robi, was nominated for a Grammy. Robi released his debut alum “Pa’ki Pa’ka” on Asphalt Tango Records in April 2016 to widespread acclaim. This was followed by his 2018 album, ‘Alquimia’ which will come as no surprise was received with even greater applause.