Association Azuei An Mouvman

Azueï is beyond a band, it's a collective, a musical and socio-cultural movement created by Haïtians and Dominicans artists to promote a peace culture

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The movement’s purpose is simple: to transform the conflictual and hate-filled narrative of political discourse between the Dominican Republic and Haiti using the arts and culture and by setting examples, proposing other paths and a fresh voice for the new generations of Haitians, Dominicans and all the people it could inspire.
Music, Cinema, Graffiti, Sculpture, Literature, Circus and a strong dose of Activism - these are our weapons to stand in this fight together with the legacy of our common ancestors.
Azueï created a full Dominican- Haitian band, with musicians and singers from different sides of the island, different styles and languages, but a common ground: The love of our little island, its different faces, a “KISKEYANN FEELING”. We initially composed together in a pure “GAGA RARA" style without guidelines, without musical scores, giving space to each instrument to tell us its own story, with the Manman Tambou in the middle.

Inspired by the traditional music of the two countries, Azueï mixes traditional Caribbean music with contemporary notes of Jazz, Rap andworld music. An invitation to travel across our island through its musical patrimony.


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  • WOMEX 2021


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