"Dead end" - Babak Bayat

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    Babak Bayat
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    Babak Bayat
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    • Instrumental
    • Persian
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Maestro Babak Bayat name is mostly associated with composing film music particularly in the recent years but those even with little knowledge of the history of modern music in Iran; know him first and foremost as a great composer of vivid and unforgettable songs. Songs like Dead-end, Digs, Jungle, Pioneer, etc. are reminders of the lasting effect the golden triangle, Babak Bayat, Iraj Janati and Daryoush Eghbali, had in the history of remarkable songs in Iran. In this album compiled by Bamdad Bayat and recorded under direct supervision of Babak Bayat we hear 6 versions of well-known songs without words made by Babak Bayat in the years 71 to 76.

Babak Bayat


Instrumental Persian

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Instrumental Persian Oriental.


One Day, One Person Will Come

Instrumental Persian Oriental.


Dead end

Instrumental Persian Oriental.

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