"Persian Fantasies" - Safa Kateb Shahidi

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    Safa Kateb Shahidi
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    • Classical
    • Persian
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Solo piano on Iranian Classical Music as Fantasia form. Also a closer look to Iranian Music heritage with classical Style.

Safa Katebpour Shahidi, started learning the music theory and piano playing from Dr. Mehran Rohani. He achieved to get through the advanced courses of music in oxford / Cambridge universities after passing the basic parts and getting the piano playing certificate from the trinity college of London. He attended the advanced courses by Gerhard Gerschlager and Hannoush Makarian.
Iranian fantasies include pieces played in western classic form of musical techniques, with a touch of Iranian Classical Music. That's why They are called fantasies, which means a relatively free form of music.

Safa Kateb Shahidi


Persian Fantasies

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Persian Fantasies

Piano Solo

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