Beijing Midi Productions Ltd.

Beijing Midi Production Ltd. holds the Midi Music Festival in China.

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The Midi Music Festival is the very first massive open-air rock festival in China from 2000. Before that, there were no open-air festivals in China, and most Chinese youth never got to witness and experience the excitement and freedom delivered through rock music. Till today, the Midi Music Festival has been successfully held for twenty-three years in forty-five editions all over China. The festival has become the driving force to push forward the development and promotion of rock music, folk, and electronica. While going further on its path, the festival also helped the foundation and growth of other massive open-air festivals in China. MIDI Music Festival is there to be seen as the Chinese Woodstock and the real Festival of Youth. For twenty-three years, using such a gigantic music platform, MIDI has been devoted to promoting the best of youth culture, freedom of circulation, the humanitarian spirit of peace and love, and the principle of fairness and equality, which has been embraced and supported by countless young people in China. The foundation and persisting efforts of the Midi Music Festival finally led to the explosion of the gigantic live music market in China within the last decade and tremendously pushed and changed the thriving conditions and development environment of the modern Chinese music industry.



participating in

  • WOMEX 2023
stand number WOMEX 23: 237-238


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