Belorybitsa 2019


A traditional song from Smolensk region, Russia
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Line up

  • Andrej Mishentsev (cajon, tapan)
  • Ekaterina Balueva (vocals, kugikly)
  • Ekaterina Dolmatova (vocals)
  • Elizaveta Simulic (vocals)
  • Evgenij Vikki (guitar, bouzuki)
  • Ivan Kuzmin (gusli, diatonic accordeon, violin)
  • Marija Kuzmina (vocals, kugikly)
  • Mihail Kuzmin (bagpipes, flutes, balalaika, gusli, vocals)
  • Sofja Ahromova (violin)


BELORYBITSA folk family band from Saint-Petersburg.

Both experimental and traditional at the same time, Belorybitsa (which is named after an ancient Russian symbol of a young bride) provides it’s own style of Russian folk music all over last twenty years.

Started as folklore ensemble at 1999, Belorybitsa now is one of the main world music bands in Russia. The band mainly consists of a family members where children play with elder.

Mixing traditional Russian instruments such as gusli, kugikly and euro folk ones Belorybitsa builds its own unique sound.