Bomba-Piter inc. / Manchester files records

BP one of the largest and oldest musical companies of Russia.
Since 1994 it is published more than 1000 musical albums of classical music, jazz, ethn

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“Bomba-Piter, Inc.” was founded on the 1st of February 1994 in St.Petersbug in association with “Bomba” (Latvia). Until 1997 the main sphere of activity was distribution of legal music CDs, LPs and MCs in Russia. Among the official partners of “Bomba-Piter” were EMI, Sony, BMG, Warner Brothers, Universal, etc. To release Russian recordings a new label “Manchester” was established. The name of the label was inherited from the oldest St.Petersburg rock-store.

The very first releases of “Manchester” were the archive recordings of Classical Russian rock – Boris Grebenshikov (AQUARIUM), Alexander Bashlachev, Yana Dyagileva, Egor Letov (GRAZHDANSKAYA OBORONA). Then label start working with the new rock generation, promoting such artists as KOROL I SHUT, KUKRYNIKSY, JAN COO, PILOT. “Bomba-Piter” concentrated on distribution and promotion activity.

Cooperation with St.Petersburg Record Studio (“PSG”) resulted in a comprehensive catalogue (about 100 items) of classical music – Chaikovskiy, Schnitke, Rakhmaninov, Beethoven, Glinka, Bach and many others – sonatas, chamber music, opera and symphonies. The catalogue got the name “Classical Music Gallery”.

“Bomba-Piter” and “Manchester” also work with the modern artists in electronics – P.C.P., NEW COMPOSERS; jazz and avant-garde – Sergey Kuryokhin, Gusyatinsky Big-Band, SWING COUTURE, Ma.Gr.Ig.Al., TEREM-QUARTET, and many others. In one word, company is going in for interesting music with no borders in genre – from punk-rock to orchestral works.

Since 2007 “Manchester” is a part of “Bomba-Piter, Inc.”, a company, the label has originated from 10 years before.

For the results of its professional activity “Bomba-Piter, Inc.” got “Record” Awards, established by IFPI, InterMedia agency and Ministry of Culture of Russia. The company was also awarded for the activity in cultural and musical life of St.Petersburg – “Singing World”, “New Music”, “Rock against drugs” festivals, etc.

10th anniversary of “Bomba-Piter” was marked with unbelievable concert actions – 28 live shows per month (February) on different stages of Russia. About 100 groups and artists, the company worked with, took part in this live set.

“Bomba-Piter” General Director Oleg Grabko outlines the main aim of the company – that is to prove, the legal music business can exist and grow in modern Russia. The main services of the company are production, distribution (import and export) of music on CDs, DVDs or whatever, promotion of artists from Russia and abroad.


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