Lydia Botana aka Bolboreta, music pedagogue who has travelled sharing her songs for children and adults, fusing different genres.

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Lydia Botana aka Bolbobreta is a multi-instrumentalist musician and music pedagogue with an adventurous spirit who has flitted around the world with her songs from here to there, so she is known by the nickname Bolboreta, which means butterfly in the language of her homeland, Galicia.

Graduated from the Conservatorio Superior de Música de A Coruña in Pedagogy of Language and Music Education doing the Erasmus at the Conservatorio di Musica Giovan Battista Martini Bologna (Italy). She has a degree in piano and percussion with a Master's degree in research and innovation in specific didactics for infant and primary education from the University of A Coruña.

She has a solid background and significant experience both as a teacher and on stage in all continents, which can be seen in the mixture of cultures and languages that she transmits in the different shows she produces for different types of audiences, highlighting, due to her commitment to education to make a better world, those aimed at children's audiences.
With more than fifteen years of experience as a teacher in conservatories, music schools, infant, primary and secondary schools in Spain, France, Italy and Belgium, she also teaches courses in universities and educational centres, collaborating in the training of future teachers.
Her publications include communications in congresses on artistic education or wellness, as well as conferences and workshops on education.

She has been part of several rock, pop, reggae, ska and punk groups, as well as percussion ensembles, symphonic bands and choir conductors.
She produces different artistic projects aimed at children, sharing musical educational tools for families and teachers.

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