Vento del Sud

Vento del Sud
vento del Sud in concert
Vento del Sud live

Line up

  • Alessio Pispico (accordeon)
  • Chiara Romano (dancer)
  • Francesca Aretano (voice)
  • Gioele Nuzzo (tamburello)
  • Giuseppe Marra (voice, tamburello)
  • Matteo Pispico (bass, tamburello)
  • Maurizio Marra (guitars)


7 very young and brave musicians/dancers that keep alive PIZZICA & TARANTA MUSIC...some of them are not of age yet VENTO DEL SUD comes from Southern Apulia and has intensely toured all over Italy last summer, bringing a shot of energy and new moods instilled in "Pizzica Ostinata" too, an all original record that makes the starting point of a promising career.