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CIRCUS is specialized in planning, producing and management of cultural and artistic projects, such as musical concerts, plays, exhibit and more.

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CIRCUS Cultural Production Co. is a company specialized in planning, accomplishment and management of cultural and artistic projects, such as musical concerts, plays, exhibitions, and audiovisuals and literary products, among others. CIRCUS was created in December 2006 by Guto Ruocco, from his 15 years of experience in management and cultural production with hundred of artists from many cultural companies, in Brazil and other countries. Its philosophy is to transform a cultural action into a socially sustainable business, stimulating the work by means of artistic languages and its diverse sources. From these elements, it searches for longevity to the cultural events and career of their artists, as well as it provokes reflection in all the involved ones.

The Know-how of CIRCUS Production Co. with international projects management includes: the musical group“Kholwa Brothers”, from South Africa (2008); musical group “Forro in the Dark”, from New York (2008); theatre group New York City Players (2010); shows of the singer Bebel Gilberto in São Paulo (2009 and 2010); “Opera of the Stones” by Denise Milan, including the recording production (2010) and The Raveonettes, performed in São Paulo at November 2010.
In the past three years Circus has produced Nublu Jazz Festival, from NY, 3 editions with some of the most representative contemporary jazz musicians such as Eddie Henderson and Taylor McFerrin, Sun Ra Arkestra, Roy Ayers, Robert Glasper, Heradhunters, N’Dea Davenport and Dom Salvador among others;
In 2009, CIRCUS has created their own phonographic label, believing that the CD is a piece of art, rich in information, and is still alive, besides all the transformation in the segment produced by the event of the Internet. In this sense, CIRCUS Label works in with the concept that the CD, together with a solid schedule of shows, are propelling tools to this artistic investment, and contributes directly to the ones who want to develop a work without a frivolous marketing appeal and free on its creative proposal. The first CD of CIRCUS Label was “Meu Nome”, from the singer and composer Ceumar, launched in 2009. CIRCUS Label has released another 05 albums by Zé Miguel Wisnik, Cacá Machado, Ceumar, Simone Sou, Marina Wisnik and is preparing the release of “Embalar” of the singer Ná Ozzetti.

Nowadays, CIRCUS Cultural Production Co. is responsible for brokering a refined list of artists with a consistent artistic work, representatives of musical diversity of Brazil, as shown in the following pages. CIRCUS invites you to experience these special artists with whom it takes great pride in work. Enjoy!

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