Al Bilali Soudan
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Al Bilali Soudan
Al Bilali Soudan


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  • artist:Al Bilali Soudan
  • featured artist:Abellou Yattara
  • region:West Africa
  • release year:2020
  • style(s):Touareg, Traditional
  • country:Mali
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD (Compact Disc), LP / Vinyl
  • record posted by:Clermont Music
  • label:Clermont Music
  • publisher:Nolan + Associates Productions LLC
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From Tombouctou/Timbuktu, Northern Mali
AL BILALI SOUDAN release their second album “TOMBOUCTOU”
Griots, bards, forgeron, the bandmembers are:
Abellaw Yattara, Aboubacrine Yattara,
Mohamed Ag Abellaw, and Thialé Ag Aboubacrine
Fathers and sons, uncles and cousins
Their instrumentation is tehardent/ngoni and calabash
Lightning fast, sometimes looping, sometimes lyrical
This is dance music, this is intense mastery
A traditional repertoire improvised and adapted
This is Saharan culture brought into the 21st century
Their lyrics mix Tamasheq, Songhai, French and English
They speak about heroism, love and above all a longing for peace.
Recorded in 2019 at Studio Bogolan, Bamako Mali
Mixed and mastered in New York
Released in vinyl, CD and digital formats.
Full credits and lyric summaries can be found at
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