Al Bilali Soudan

Al Bilali Soudan


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Line up

  • Aballou Yattara  (tehardent traditional guitar, vocals)
  • Aboubacrine Yattara  (tehardent traditional guitar)
  • Fatouma Walet Mohamed Lehbib  (dancer)
  • Hamadoun Guindo  (calabash)
  • Ibrahim Ag Aboubacrine  (calabash)
  • Mohamed Abellaw  (tehardent traditional guitar, vocals)


Al Bilali Soudan are griots, bards and blacksmiths from the Tombouctou region of Mali; a family orchestra of fathers and sons, uncles and cousins, led by Aballou Yattara, a master of the tehardent – the Tamasheq word for the three-stringed ngoni. Yattara has been a prominent figure for over forty years. He played on Ali Farka Touré's first cassette recordings and with Orchestre de Tombouctou in the 70s. His mission with Al Bilali Soudan is to continue the timeless sounds of Tuareg traditions and draw attention to their fight for survival. The line-up of the quartet comprises three amplified tehardent and two calabash. The sound is raw and trance inducing, with Yattara rattling off fiery bursts of cascading riffs over gritty, looping grooves, carrying soaring vocals and hypnotic chants sung in Tamasheq, Songhai and French.

Premiering Monday 11th October, 12:15 CEST on virtual WOMEX!

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"Tombouctou" - Al Bilali Soudan