Dalinda (Hungary)

Dalinda (Hungary)


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Line up

  • Fanni Nádasdy (vocals)
  • Julianna Paár  (vocals)
  • Sára Timár (vocals)


Showcase Times:
Saturday 24 October 18:30 CEST
Saturday 24 October 21:00 CEST

The three members of the Dalinda a cappella vocal ensemble – Fanni Nádasdy, Julianna Paár, and Sára Timár – are the new torch-bearers for a fresh interpretation of Hungarian folk music. Drawing on the vast archival collection they explored while studying at the Folk Music Faculty of Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, they formulated a performance that spans the stages of womanhood in song, highlighting village stories that illustrate common human experiences, whether ancient or modern, provincial or cosmopolitan. With a contemporary feminine energy, a playfully inventive approach to harmony and consistently engaging vocal arrangements, they have shone new light on Hungary's venerable singing traditions in concert halls and festivals across Hungary, and undertaken visits to China, the 2019 Crossroads festival in the Czech Republic, and the 2020 Sur Jahan World Peace Festival in India.

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