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Direct Club - Compact Disc Club (visit our website) is the leading direct sales company in Greece creating unique thematic 4CD box compilations out of all kinds of repertoire with more than 200.000 active members. We cooperate with all major record companies and the most important indie companies worldwide. Compact Disc Club is also active in the premium sector, with a clientele including all the major printed media, and a pioneer in digital music content with new revolutionary product lines, such as digital compilations in memory cards for mobiles.

Music For Ads is a division of Direct Club, specializing in synchronization deals, with an extensive penetration in the advertising market.

- If you are interested in promoting your catalogue, taking advantage of the Advertising sector, and having your repertoire included in our compilations and premium CDs, please contact us at Womex.

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  • WOMEX 2008
  • WOMEX 2007


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