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Record Label & Promoter (Roaster) : Admiral T/Dominik Coco/Ludy/Mali/Methi's/Paille/Saïk... Marketing & Promotions for VP records.

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Don’s music
Symbolic figure of the West Indian reggae, the label Don’s music remains "king" of the French Caribbean scene with his golden touch.
First of all, this record company was created by the producer Don Miguel which began his career as an artist. His duets with Daddy Harry in 1992-93 are still appreciated.
This same year, he realized the compilation "Martinik Dancehall" which was a big hit. He then decided to become his own producer and to create the label Don's Music in 1994. His first production, "Dancehall Party", quickly reached the tops of the charts in both Martinique and Guadeloupe essentially thanks to the “magic trio”, Lord Kossity, Don Miguel and Fabien: "Vanessa".
The following year, Don’s Music ventured into jungle (with " Jungle Party ") before launching the renowned duet of Daddy Pleen and Doctor Charly, «Double Impact ". In 1996, his creation, Ruffneg had immediate success. It had four members: Daddy Pleen, Short Daniel, Admirall and Kulu Ganja. This group became one of the best reggae bands thanks to two albums that continue to sell ten years later.
In 1998, the group Ruffneg allied with other artists from Sarcelle (France) Neg' Marrons (Jacky, Ben-J and Djamatik) to record an album entitled "Ruffneg' Marron". 1998 also saw the release of two series of compilation disks "Don’s Party" and "2 Hardcore" (three volumes produced for each of them). The objective was simple: gather the best of Jamaican music and compile it with some unpublished titles from local artists. A proven recipe which was widely successful looking at their sales figures.
That year was also a success thanks to the compilation “Soca Fever”. This disk promoted the flavour of Trinidad, the country of Soca. The collabotation with Karukera Sound System, allowed us to discover the work of the collective K.S.S from Guadeloupe (F.W.I). A second album was produced two years later.
In 1999, Don’s Music produced a new compilation "Dancehall News ". It uncovered new raga artists with the discovery of a young singer: Sael. After four titles on different Cds , all hits, he realeased his first album: “Saël and Friends”. With an armada of local artists (Kulu Ganja, Pleen Pyroman, Thorn, Valley, Lieutenant), with Jacky of Neg' Marrons together with the rapper Pit Baccardi, the ten titles have successfully and definitively conquered Martinique. Moreover, Sael was rewarded with three rewards from Sacem Martinique: best author, best album reggae and success of year 2002. A “live” Cd / DVD and a second album ”My Vision” followed and enhanced the increasing success of this symbolic singer. More success followed with two new local talents, Pleen and Valley and their album “Dual Choc”.

In 2003, Don’s Music decided to produce the first album of Admiral T "Mozaik Kréyol" from the underground scene of sound system music. This record became an instant hit for the new West Indian generation. The popularity of Admiral T is due to the fact that he was one of the only artists to overcome barriers of different the generations and social classes. His new record "Toucher l’horizon» accentuated his success and France also fell under his spell with his duet “Les mains en l’air” with the rapper Diam’s.
While waiting for the next releases of Don Music's: Saïk, Dominik Coco, Methi’s, Ludy and Lieutenant, let’s not forget the label’s motto: " a good lyric is better than 10 000 interviews ".

Key facts :
More than 300 000 albums sold
Admiral T : 9 Awards
Sael : 4 Awards: best author, best album reggae and success of year 2002
Dominik Coco : 2 Awards
Paille : 1 Award
Since1998 Producor of the TV show Dancehall news (reggae/dancehall/soca) broadcasted on ATV Martinique (37% audience) also available via satellite in Martinique , Guadeloupe, Guyane, St Marteen & Haiti
Marketing et promotions of VP records product for Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyane and St Marteen


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  • WOMEX 2011


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