Folkmusiker Mot Rasism - Folkmusicians Against Racism

Folkmusiker mot rasism - Folk musicians against racism

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A grassroots organisation created by musicians, folk dancers, organisers, listeners, craftspeople and academics gathered for a common cause.

We do not want Swedish folk culture to be appropriated by racist and nationalist movements, causing all practitioners and lovers of Swedish folk culture to be perceived as supporting nationalist and xenophobic cultural views.

Since 2010, Folkmusiker mot rasism has organised a variety of demonstrations around Sweden, written opinion articles, participated in panel discussions,
put on charity concerts and more. We coordinate people involved with folk culture in Sweden in a common struggle against racism and xenophobia.


1. Swedish folk culture means diversity!

We refuse to passively observe while Swedish folk culture is hijacked by racist and nationalist movements and the country at large watches this happen.

The expressions 'Swedish Folk Culture' and 'Cultural Diversity' need to be discussed and re-defined. Swedish Folk Culture and the concept of diversity cannot become each other’s rivals in cultural debate. To set these two against each other shows great ignorance. There is a reason for why the most famous Swedish folk dance is called a “Polska”; it came from Poland!

2. Let everybody speak in the cultural debate!

Swedish cultural debate is not an even playing field. In the cultural-political debate we want to bring attention to professional tradition bearers and organizers in folk music, so that we can create a climate of debate where politicians, tradition bearers and supporters can participate on equal terms.

3. Widen the definition of Swedish Folk Culture!

To exotify culture is never okay – whether it is knee tufts, jojk, hip hop or belly dancing. The common view of Swedish Folk Culture has long been outdated and can be summarized into a museum exhibit of national romantic midsummer cultural scenes. In reality, Swedish Folk Culture is a constantly changing tradition encompassing amateurs as well as professionals, preservers as well as renewers. Don’t put folk culture on a pedestal; it is alive, in the present moment, here and now!

Because we are culture.

Together we become culture.

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  • WOMEX 2015


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