Global Exposure

Global Exposure is a leader in the development of South African talent and showcasing it to the world.

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Global Exposure works closely with the artist and/or its management to skillfully package the live music offering to relate to the artists's target market, creating strong music brands with international visibility through:

- Defining a clear vision as part of the drawing up of a sophisticated brand strategy
- Making the artist heard and seen through maximum exposure on radio and TV: pushing for air play on radio and getting music videos play listed on all possible platforms. Lining up interviews and live performances on radio and TV, and articles in newspapers, magazines and online publications.
- Offering an accountable management solution with a long term vision and strategy. Packaging acts for the international market place through the development of high quality show reels. Offering artists representation at international music conferences like WOMEX. Offering handson support with the planning of tours with third party management solutions in Europe and North America.

The company started in 2008 developing musical talent in Cape Town, with an academy which aimed to empower especially female singers. Its director, Philip de Villiers, offered a scholarship program to disadvantaged individuals, and in the process discovered Nomfusi Gotyana from the Khayelitsha township, who today is an internationally recognized touring performer after having developed her musical skills and securing a recording deal for her with Universal Music. He didn’t only develop Ms Gotyana’s talent, but also took a 6-piece band from the townships under his wing, which he called The Lucky Charms. They have since toured with Nomfusi Gotyana to more than 15 countries.

participating in

  • WOMEX 2014
  • WOMEX 2010
  • WOMEX 2009


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