Tomáš Koèko


Tomá� Koèko is no beginner on the Czech music scene. He has released already four author�s albums and cooperated on many others and always with the excellent result. Now his new fifth album is released, three years after �Do tanca!� CD. In the period between these albums Tomá� Koèko did not laze. He participated in many projects, for example in the successful musical performance called �Tì�ínské nebe� (musical performance with songs by Jaromír Nohavica), he produced the album of the Silent Stream of Godless Elegy band (awarded by Andìl 2004 (Angel 2004) � Hard and Heavy), he composed the music and wrote part of the script to the theatrical performance �Ondraszek pan £ysej Góry� (released on CD+DVD set).
Music from Poplór album draws on the rich colors, shades and aspects of the folklore music, which markedly remind of pop music distinguished by genres. By the way, meanings of words populus (Latin) - short pop - and folk (English) are the same � people. "It is the wordplay" explains Tomá� Koèko. "There is a consideration behind it that when I view the pack called folklore music by the eyes of the present man interested in music, I can see in it all the genres of the current pop music (including the trashy ones). And thus also the various contemporary bands or arrangers take from that pack the genres, which suit them. For example the present cymbal bands play something like mainstream music � "
POPLÓR CD looks for the relations between the new folk music (pop music) and old folk music (folklore). It pays attention to the meaning of texts and moods of the individual folklore songs and at the same time it looks for their corresponding expression in pop music genres. The songs, which create the central theme of this musical adventure, were chosen intentionally from the fields, which belonged to the sphere of the cultural influence of the first Slavonic state (in the Central Europe) � the ancient Great Moravian Empire.
Tomá� invited to studio many excellent musicians (the total number exceeded 30 interprets), which recorded for him the parts in individual pieces. "I tried to find in the pop rank the genre for each song, to which it, in my opinion, inclines. I am not such an efficient instrumentalist to play the riff on electric guitar, which I for example needed in Èeská. I can�t play bagpipes, trumpet, sitar�etc�The record will be varied and I afforded the luxury and did not use the synthesizer. I am still stupidly conservative and I prefer the live musicians. In this our new CD has reserves. Not much electronics�"