Kissmet is a UK based band taking traditional Indian dance folks songs (Bhangra) and fusing them with Rock, to bring people of all cultures together.

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Kissmet is the vision of two Indian Sikh brothers, born and bred in the UK. As children, their parents ran the local Indian cinema so in the evenings, they were learning all about Indian music but, by day, they were learning all about western Rock music at school with their friends. Subliminally, they were being bombarded with music from the East and West on a daily basis and there was no difference from listening to Mohammed Rafi as there was to Genesis or The Police. When it came to learning to play and writing their own songs, they realised that they could use elements from the East and West equally to make each song something very special.

This cross cultural inception coupled with the energy generated by Bhangra (played in the fields of India) and Rock, meant the band had something spectacular and unique in their hands.

Not only do the band have the ability to play Bhangra and Rock with Raags and Funk thrown in too, they also can sing in English, Punjabi, Hindi and Sankrit. That's how they sound but another impact they have is their look. The two brothers who are the front men are traditional Indian Sikhs and wear their Turbans with pride. The other musicians are Caucasian Westerners so not only are there a mix of languages and styles being performed, there's a fantastic mix of colours, creeds and religions on stage, all working harmoniously to create that truely unique vision.

The band are now playing all over Europe, South America and Asia to audiences up to 60,000 strong. Everywhere they go, they spread the word that it matters not what language you sing in. What's most importance is the positive vibe and energy you can generate by making people of all faiths, backgrounds, colours and creeds work together to create something powerful, infectious and very memorable.

Fusing Bhangra and Rock together, they're making something you've never heard before but want to hear again and again.

Previous gigs have seen them perform in London, Mexico City, Prague (Czech Republic), Helsinki (Finland), Dublin (Ireland), Zurich (Switzerland), Edinburgh (Scotland), on the beaches of Goa, Gdynia (Poland), Guadalajara (Mexico), Bagota (Colombia), Belfast (Ireland), Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow (UK).

Acts they have supported include: Ms Dynamite, Asian Dub Foundation, Massive Attack, Afrocelts, Baka Beyond, Salsa Celtica, The Doves, Madness, Fat Boy Slim, Transglobal Underground, Natasha Atlas...

They've played New Years Eve gigs Cardiff Castle, Wales (20,000 people), Edinburgh Hogmanay (25,000 people) and on the beaches of sunny Goa...

Think of it this way: English, Punjabi, Hindi, Sanksrit, drums, tabla, harmonium, keyboards, guitar, thumbi, bass, dhol, raags, rock, bhangra, funk, turbans, etchins, all thrown into the global melting pot called KISSMET...

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