La Pacifican Power

La Pacifican Power is a multidisciplinary collective.

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La Pacifican Power is the union of 10 of the most representative musicians of the Colombian Pacific music, a sound territory made up of 4 regions, which goes from the border of Panama to the border with Ecuador and from the crest of the western mountain range to the shores of the Pacifico sea.
With a defined format and its own sound, La Pacifican Power is a band from which new sounds emerge that treasure a tradition; a visionary musical revolution that is born from rumba and improvisation, but that preserves the root and nourishes it with elements of modern music such as funk, jazz, salsa and hip hop.
This concept is possible thanks to the maturity of its musicians, composers, arrangers, producers and virtuous instrumentalists who are in shape to form a musical universe that houses different
points of view, preserving its center of gravity called the music of the colombian Pacific coast.
In the voices, from Timbiquí Cauca the singer and guardian of the tradition Nidia Góngora, is the heart of the pacific and leading voice of the traditional marimba Group nominated to the Latin Grammy “Canalón de Timbiquí”, accompanied by two of the most representative MC's in the region , Alexis Play of the North Pacific, former member of Chocquibtown and Maikcel Rojas with the cadence of the South Pacific, currently singer of the group Zalama Crew. On the piano and directly from the port of Buenaventura, Mulatho Ortíz, prominent pianist of the Bahía Group. From Guapi - Cauca Heriberto Bonilla, a marimbero of pure chonta, member of the winning group of the Petronio Álvarez Festival “Voces de la Marea”. Jeffrey Obando del Charco Nariño on bass, is part of the group La Mambanegra and Esteban Copete and his Pacific Kinteto. Finally, in the percussion the master Freddy Colorado of the Residuo Solido Collective and the Ondatropic project, Andrés Felipe Pinzón of the Sultana Club group on the electric guitar, former member of Herencia de Timbiquí, Adrián Viáfara in the winds and multipercussion and Alex Carvajal, drummer of timba Group Son 21, are the Cali quota that make up this “Fania del Pacífico”.



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  • WOMEX 2021


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