Yves Lambert

Line up

  • Mathieu Royer (Bass)
  • Paul Audy (Guitar)
  • Robin Boulianne (Violin, Mandolin, Banjo, Podorythmie)

offWOMEX 13

Yves Lambert is a pioneer in Quebec folk music. His 35-year music career reflects a taste for risks, adventures and challanges. Trough the years, Lambert has been playing mainly whit "La Bottine souriante" ( 9-piece band) and "Le Bebert Orchestra" ( 5-piece band). Now, whit his long time bandmates, Oliver Rondeau and Tommy Gauthier, both from Le Bebert Orchestra, Lambert keeps pushing forward by thinking that less is more. The result is an original and dynamic trio. Since summer 2010, Lambert, Rondeau and Gauthier have been presenting several shows in Quebec. The audience was so pleased that the trio is back for more. There is no doubt that this delightful and outstanding celebration of avant garde folk music will seduce the audience.
Olivier Rondeau's guitar playing found a distinctve indentity when he decided to add depth by expanding the dynamic range while experimenting a simple modification on his guitar. The result is: 2 strings are assingned to an octaver (an electronic device that enables guitarists to create bass sound) and 4 strings are assingned to a typical guitar sound. This process allows a new way to play the guitar and the bass at the same time. Once the perfect blend is found, it naturally upgrades the general sound (texture and arrangment) in a trio formula. It's original and different.
Tommy Gauthier plays everything from violin, bouzouki, mandoline and foot percussion. His multi-instrumentist abilities are essential and colorful. Tommy's natural rythmic fell is also a distinctive characteristic of his own. His musical consciousness is wide and open. Tommy is a great arranger and he knows how to play in interaction whit the main melody. An ideal musician full of dexterity and soul.