Laimas Muzykanti

The post-traditonal music band from Latvia.

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The post-traditional music band Laimas Muzykanti was founded in 1995 in Daugavpils. It was founded and still led by musician, folklorist, arranger and multi-instrumentalist Artūrs Uškāns.
In beginnings of Laimas Muzykanti was characterized as approximated to authentic folk music by using folk music instruments and authentic folk singing, created on the basis of folk narrator chants and playing manners of folk musicians collected in folklore expeditions. During the time musicians have experienced with a variety of soundings, instruments and unusual musical combinations.
Now Laimas Muzykanti is a high energy Latvian folk music band which puts people on their feet all around the world. The fast polka rhythms are mixed with beautiful traditional Latvian folk ballads, as well as some more rock guitar riff driven folk songs. All in all Laimas Muzykanti shows the best there is in traditional and post-traditional Latvian folklore.
Laimas Muzykanti have given concerts in Australia, Canada, USA, Japan, UK, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Sweden, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Russia.
In 2018 Laimas Muzykanti participated with concerts in Winter Olympic Games in PyongChang, South Korea.
Now the bands basic staff consist of 5 members, but sometimes band cooperating with other professional musicians and band ex-members.

2003 -„Gonam Gona” (Nomination „The Best Modern Folk Music Album 2003 of the Annual Latvian Music Recording Awards); (publishers „Izteiksme”)
2007 - „OrklaBolss” (Nomination „The Best Modern Folk Music Album 2007” of the Annual Latvian Music Recording Awards); (publishers „Upe”);
2015 - „Rodi” (publishers „Lauska”)
2023 - "Turu buru!"

Participation in other albums
1999 - „Danco Dievis” (publisher „Upe”);
2001 - „Alus Dziesmas”, cooperation with group „Iļģi” (publishers „Upe”) (Annual Latvian Music Recording Award for the best folklore album in 2001);
2009 – participation in project „Sviests III” (publisher „Lauska”);
2011 - „Svētku diena” (song „Bišu koks” together with Olga Rajecka in her best hits album “Svētku diena”).


participating in

  • WOMEX 2024
  • WOMEX 2023
  • WOMEX 2019
stand number WOMEX 24: X12


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