"Garden of the Snake" - McCully/Mackay

alum sleeve
  • artist:McCully/Mackay
  • region:Cape Town
  • release year:2024
  • style(s):Electronic, Rock
  • country:South Africa
  • formats:Audio File / Digital
  • record posted by:Lee Thorp Entertainment
  • label:Mountain Records
  • publisher:Songwrights Publishers

Progrock, synth and guitar project from veteran performers. Garden of the Snake is the second album by this duo. Tully McCully (Terence McCullagh) is an award winning producer, singer, bass player and multi-nstrumentalist, and Gordon Mackay a keyboard specialist. They have played in numerous bands. McCullagh produced many artists on the Mountain Records label. In particular the funk-jazz outfit Pacific Express. Mackay moved for classical music to progressive rock several years ago. They came together on this studio project in 2020 both contributing to the compositions and arrangements.