Limburg, Aurora

Aurora Limburg is in charge of the international distribution of JOSELITO ACEDO, a Sevillian flamenco guitarist nominated at the 2015 LATIN GRAMMY.

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"TRIANA D.F." by JOSELITO ACEDO | New concert on tour.

Having reached his full artistic maturity, Joselito Acedo presents his latest work “TRIANA D.F. (Flamenco District)”, in which he proposes different ways of understanding the flamenco heritage of Triana.

Production: Joselito Acedo | GNP Producciones SL (Seville).
Premiere: “Jueves Flamencos”, Seville, Spain. November 21st, 2019.
International premiere: “Festival Flamenco”, Nîmes, France. January 16th, 2020.
Length: 65′. | On tour: 5 or 6 persons.
Reviews: “Joselito Acedo has a great sense of rhythm and plays with dexterity and beauty. His music is exuberant, lush and deep".
Manuel Martin Martin, "EL MUNDO". Sept.28th, 2020.

Joselito Acedo was born in 1979 in Triana, a neighborhood of Seville and the cradle of flamenco. From a young age he received classes from his father, José Acedo and his uncle Rafael Riqueni. Operating as a composer, performer, director and music producer, he is a reference point in the world of flamenco instrumental music regarding creation and production.

"Andando" | 2015. Latin Grammy Nomination (Las Vegas) | Premios MIN (Independant Music Awards).
"Triana D.F." | 2019. La Cúpula Music.


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"Un viaje de ida y vuelta"

"Joselito Acedo dejó en 'Triana D.F.'...