Marranzano World Fest

Only extra-ordinary editions! - Solo edizioni straordinarie!

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The Marranzano World Fest (MWF) is an unconventional world music gathering/festival, held in Catania since 2005, aimed to the promotion and dissemination of the intangible heritage of traditional folk music of Sicily, through the encounter with other musical traditions of the world.
The event is inspired from, and dedicated to the jew's harp or trump. “Marranzano” is in fact the local name for the Sicilian version of the instruments also known as Scacciapensieri, Jew’s harp, Doromb, Guimbarde, Trompe, Maultrommel, Vargan, Khomus, Morchang, Kou-Xiang, Dan Moi, and plenty of other names across the globe. In Sicily the marranzano is perceived as an important symbol of local culture and identity, but at the same time this instrument is known and used all over the world. This makes it the perfect metaphor for a broader cultural project that underlies the festival, aiming to inspire ever more people in Sicily to rediscover and appreciate their traditional music, while at the same time get in touch, debate and exchange with musical traditions of the whole World.
Since the first edition in 2005 MWF has become a regular meeting for all researchers and fans of musical instruments and vocal techniques of the folk and oral traditions, in Sicily and the World. A great gathering of learning and sharing among people, generations and cultures, where unusual encounters can happen at the crossroad where the past meets the future, the local culture meets the global village, ethnomusicology meets the real world of stage performance, and where scientific research meets the sheer fun of music and dance!
MWF has been founded and directed by musician and ethnomusicologist Luca Recupero, curated by MoMu Mondo di Musica, and since 2015 is produced by Associazione Musicale Etnea (AME), a prestigious music institution founded in Catania in 1973. The University of Catania has always been an important partner, hosting most of the festival events over the years in the beautiful premises of the Benedictine Monastery of St. Nicholas in the historic center of Catania.
Every edition of MWF has an underlying theme and includes a wide range of activities including academic meetings and seminars, altogether with practical workshops and master classes, musical instruments and multimedia exhibitions, a marketplace for handicraft musical instruments and of course concerts with great local, national and international guests.
Among the artists hosted over the years we would like to mention Tran Quang Hai (Vietnam/France), Aron Szilagyi (Hungary), Glen Velez (USA), Bijan Chemirani (Iran), Djalu Gurruwiwi (Australia), Nadishana (Russia/Germany), Leo Tadagawa (Japan), Lucy Wright (England), Neptune Chapotin (USA/Goa), Nico Trompe (Chile), Karim Alishahi (Iran), Said Benmsafer (Morocco), Jali Diabate, Ady Thioune, Mbar Ndiaye, Abdou Diop (Senegal), Rupa Kansa Banik (India), Ivan Alexeev, Spiridon Shishigin, Kim Borisov (Sakha Republic, Russia), Gorken Sen (Turkey), Sainkho Namtchylak (Tuva, Russia), Wang Li (China), Makovyia (Ukraine), Lo Còr de La Plana (France), Oumou Sangarè (Mali), Tapa Sudana (Bali), Neney Santos (Brasil), Kalbeliya Gypsyes of Rajasthan (India), Romarabeat (Italy/Romania/Maghreb), altogether with artist from several regions of Italy such as Actores Alidos, Andrea Pisu, Paolo Angeli (Sardinia), Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino, Zimbarìa (Puglia), Damadakà, Eugenio Bennato, (Campania), and many important and renowed Sicilian folk musicians and bands including Fabio Tricomi, Roberto Bolelli, Sostene Puglisi, Maura Guerrera, Giancarlo Parisi, Lassatilabballari, Ipercussonici, Matilde Politi, Simona Di Gregorio, Etta Scollo, Alfio Antico, Rita Botto, Mario Incudine, Eleonora Bordonaro, i Casentuli, i Lautari.

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