Mirja Klippel

Award-winning Finnish singer, musician and songwriter.

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The Finnish songwriter Mirja Klippel’s music is minimalistic and poetic, evoking a muted and intimate space. Pictures of wild and rugged landscapes, snow, ice and dried up lakes set the stage for soft and insistent tales and sharp observations, that hit you with equal strength and fragility. Together with Danish guitarist Alex Jønsson she creates a crackling musical universe that is in constant movement.

Her debut EP ‘Lift Your Lion’ (2016) brought her a Danish Music Award as "Songwriter of the Year", while her latest album ‘Slow Coming Alive’ (2021) was nominated in three different categories.

Together with her duo she has performed in over 300 locations around Europe and the North Atlantic: everything from lighthouses at the coast of Denmark to art galleries in Poland and wooden churches in Finland, as well as on established festivals like Women in (e)motion in Germany and Arctic Sounds in Greenland.

"Strong, deep and honest folk/americana” GAFFA (DENMARK) ★★★★★

“Mirja Klippel has a special talent to write songs that sound like a piece of her soul.” To Go Berlin (GERMANY)

“Rough as well as sonorous, dulcet as well as eloquent, an artful and emotional acoustic rebellion against borders and conventions …” Glitterhouse Mailorder (GERMANY)

“Mirja Klippel does not serve any common clichés of sensitivity. Instead, she provides profound insights into her psychic life, albeit in an impressively unobtrusive way. Instead of repeatedly using learned emotional formulas as many colleagues do, her performance always remains open, the tone constantly keeping a distance from the all too obvious, pre-fabricated navel-gazing.”
Amusio.com Musikmagazin (GERMANY)

“An artist who fully understands what is happening in the world right now, does not live in her own bubble, and has put this awareness into her creative work. An artist, who has come to terms with her life: she no longer fights against it, but merely translates to us the stories of sounds that life has written in her soul."
Postimees (ESTONIA)


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