Mobilij, Gaia

World electro and psychedelic gypsy

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"Una gitana, figlia del vento, incantatrice e innovatrice, ha lasciato tracce del suo viaggio in giro per il mondo."

GAIA MOBILIJ is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer of italian origins.
After a classical piano training, since 2005 she has traveled and lived in various places around the world sharing her music and absorbing the sounds of various traditions, including Eastern European Roma, Latin music between Mexico and Colombia, and finally the Hindustani classical music of India.
After performing countless concerts with his own band TALUNA and several collaborations in different countries (festivals such as New York Gypsy Festival, Glastonbury Festival, Womex night in SWSX Festival, etc.), at the end of 2019 he debuted with his WORLD ELECTRO & PSYCHEDELIC GYPSY SOLO SHOW. In which her songs and her instrumental pieces have become a synthesis of all her human and musical experiences.

Alternating accordion, voice, synthesizer, lyra ukulele, frame drum and using the loop station to reproduce atmospheres, the drag show will take the audience into surreal and dreamlike atmospheres and in a progressive and psychedelic direction.

GAIA MOBILIJ : vocals, accordion , lyra, ukulele , synthetizer, loop station , electronics-

participating in

  • WOMEX 2022
  • WOMEX 2017
  • WOMEX 2016
  • virtualWOMEX


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Live Performance, recorded in Ibiza's Es Vedra in...