Mobilij, Gaia

italiangypsy pop , world

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Gaia Mobilij is an italian singer, polyinstrumentalist and composer.
Ethnic music enthusiast, she studied music and instruments from several areas of the Mediterranean including the Calabrian lira and the Cretan lyre. Through frequent tours and trips around the world, explores the music of various traditions including the Gypsy music of Eastern Europe, the traditional southern Italy , latin music from Mexico , and Indian classical music.
In Turin,Italy, she had created and worked with several bands including: she founded TALUNA(
La Reina desnuda with the American songwriter Sol Ruiz ( )
LaParanza del Geco (
With her last project TALUNA where she was founder, leader and main composer she toured USA,Mexico ,Canada and Central America.
Her songs and her instrumental pieces are a synthesis of all her human and musical experiences: in her new show influence Gaia Mobilji manages to mix sounds from all over the world, alternating between accordion and piano and synth , she conquers the public through thehappy marriage between a profound musical training and the driving passion of popular music mixed with her own compositions and modernity. Rich poetry and songs of love, but also fascinating stories told by Gaia through a gentle voice that penetrates the soul and transports "in the country where everything is possible but nothing is real ... "(Eri Juan). Changes in mood and rhythm easily occur within the same song: changes that accompanied by undulations of her voice, reflect that love for the movement, for the trip that characterize Gaia, in life as in music.
Her new album that is now finished is The synthesis of her musical and human experiences .
she mixed her songs and compositions in collaboration with traditional music and musicians from Southern Italy , India, Mexico, and Israel.
the album was recorded in many places , from houses and courtyard to professionals recording studios.

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  • WOMEX 2022
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stand number WOMEX 22: 60-62


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