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MMYH is the "parent" producer of world jazz fusion group FREEDOMS TRIO and represents primarily guitarist Steinar Aadnekvam who is our main artist.

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MMYH is the "parent" producer of world jazz rock group FREEDOMS TRIO. The group is led by Norwegian guitarist Steinar Aadnekvam together with Brazilian bassist Rubem Farias and Mozambican drummer/singer Deodato Siquir. The band is based in Sweden.

Three musicians from three continents. Three world artists on their respective instruments. An outstanding example of the uniting force of music! Since 2015 the group has performed over 120 concerts at major clubs and festivals across Europe, and in 2018 released their second album as a group, titled "Freedoms Trio II” with the established Norwegian label Losen Records, Oslo.

FREEDOMS TRIO have been very well recieved in the media, both live and on album. A few notables include; top cover feature in Germanys "Sudbayerishe Zeitung”, Jazztimes magazine calls the groups live show "Astonishing" referring to the groups "rare quality of musicianship" and for the most recent album guitarlegend Robben Ford wrote part of the album liner notes, in a strong endorsement.

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Freedoms Trio is represented since 2017 in German language by Idris Media Artist Agency, Nurnberg and is currently self represented in other territories/languages. Notably, the group was selected performer at the Jazzahead! 2018 Overseas Night.

A large portfolio of concert video and tv quality recordings featuring ‘Freedoms Trio’ can be viewed at
The channel has presently ca 160 000 total views.

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