Adédèjì w his Lagos Band


by Adédèjì Adetayo
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  • country:Nigeria
  • style(s):Funk, Afro Jazz
  • label:One World
  • type:Band, Large Ensemble
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:percussion, brass, dance orchestra, piano, guitar
  • artist posted by:One World

Line up

  • Abiodun 'Wura' Oke (Congas)
  • Adédèjì Adetayo (Vocal & Guitar)
  • Ebun Arowosegbe (Backing Vocals)
  • Mary Shobowale  (Backing Vocals)
  • Ralph Lasisi  (Tenor Saxophone)
  • Samuel Obinna (Drums)
  • Samuel Olawale (Keys)
  • Victor Ademofe (Trumpet)
  • Wale Akindiya (Bass)


Nigerian Singer, Guitarist, Composer, Arranger and multiinstrumentalist.

Adédèjì Adetayo started singing in a Yoruba Church Choir in Lagos at the age of 6 and by the age of 10, the talented singer became the leader of the choir. From 13 years old, Adedeji was already a highly sought studio singer and recorded and performed with local Nigerian stars like Imoleayo, Pasunma, Obesere, Gbenga Adewusi, Sound Sultan, Sammy Okposo. At 15 he picked up the guitar and three years later he was also working as a professional guitarist.

18 years of age Adédèjì took a music theory exam at Muson College and then went to The Polytechnic of Ibadan to study Music Technology and finally continued to study music at The University of Lagos. It became a short visit as he was too busy with his professional career. Later on he graduated from London College of Music with a licentiate in guitar performance and further specialised at The Prins Claus Music Conservatory in The Netherlands with a bachelor in Jazz Music.

Since then the gifted musician has recorded and shared stages with Tony Allen, Lionel Loueke, Gene Jackson, Lagbaja, Ayo Bankole, Paco Sery, Keziah Jones, Fred Wesley and Fra Fra Sound and he opened concerts for Manu Dibango and Kenny Garret.

Adedeji ’s first album, “Ajo”, featuring Lionel Loueke, gifted him with 'The North Netherlands Young Talent Award’ in 2012. His second album “Afreekanism” feat Orlando Julius won him the 'LBM Awards - Best Afro Fusion Artist’ in Nigeria in 2017.

Adédèjì’s new album ’Yoruba Odyssey’ is a project that goes back to the core of his very roots. The result is a progressive Jazz-Funk record, influenced with vintage Afrobeat and Yoruba eclectic sounds, that greatly reflects Adédèjì’s up-growing in the metropolitan city of Lagos. A 10 track educating, entertaining, feel good, funky album, that chronicles his interpretation of the music and artists that has influenced Adédèjì. From Soul, to Jazz, to Blues, to Funk, to the traditional Yoruba music of his childhood.

’Yoruba Odyssey’ was recorded during 3 days in Lagos, Nigeria, at the legendary Afrodisia/Decca Studio, that has housed giants like Fela Kuti, King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey and many more.The album presents authentic and personal ideas with tremendous harmonies and tight arrangements. Adédèjì’s compositions and arrangements are challenging and exiting, full of details and surprises. He directs the band in an organic yet precise way. A band leader who uses his whole body and make a dance out of direction! It's beautiful to watch!

The nine man band includes some of Nigeria’s best studio musicians, the grooviest rhythm section and a splendid horn section add to the Afro Beat influenced sound together with the beautiful male and female backing vocals, that clearly has references to Adedeji’s Gospel upbringing. The emerging artist has a total control of his generous vocal that effortless swings from high notes to fast, almost hip hop-like recited vocals in the groovy language of Yoruba, and from there to James Brown like rhythmical vocal exclamations. Add to that his masterful guitar playing with a profound knowledge of both music history as well as a unique polyrhythmic technique and then his skilful imagination and openness to the music. The lyrics are sung in Yoruba, English and Pidgin English. In the texts Adédèjì is reigniting with the traditional identity of Yoruba Culture with riddles from his childhood as well as politically engaged stories, discussing human rights. And he expresses his love and longing for his city, after many years living in Europe. Adédèjì and his band sound effortless when they perform the energetic music. He has managed to create the hippest band in Lagos! They know their roots and they know the music that has influenced the world since the 70'es.They groove!

If you love James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Prince, George Benson and, of course, Fela, you are most likely to love Adédèjì!

‘Yoruba Odyssey’ will be released by the multi awarded One World Records by June 2021.