MAKADEM Sunfest 2011 front page "The London Free Press"


by Makadem
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On his original CD "Ohanglaman", Makadem is mixing traditional Benga, rock, funky grooves and up tempo Afro Beat in a tasteful danceable blend.

"Ohanglaman" went best selling in East Africa when released in Kenya. It was never released in Europe and USA.

Makadem is Kenya's most prominent contemporary Benga artist. Makadem's songs speaks of the fluid nature of modern African culture and demonstrate the fusion that is at the heart of contemporary African identity. He is a specialist of Benga music, arguably the most distinctive sound to have come out of Kenya's 70 years of creating urban music. Benga spread from the shores of Lake Victoria in the west where Makadem was born.
His music is humorous and witty, yet culturally oriented and powerfully tackles social and economic issues that affect people of all walks of life. It's up tempo music full of tradition and with a lot of story telling.