Leyla McCalla


Photo Credit: Sarrah Danziger


New York-born, New Orleans-based Haitian-American, Leyla McCalla, is a classically trained cellist, plays tenor banjo and guitar and writes highly original songs that draw on Haitian, Creole, Cajun, American jazz and folk music. She once aspired to be a classical musician but a search for a more personal musical identity saw her exchange New York for New Orleans, where she found a closer connection to her Haitian roots as well as an invitation to join the Carolina Chocolate Drops, spending two years with them before striking out on her own. Her debut album, Vari- Colored Songs – a Tribute to Langston Hughes, signalled the themes of social justice and pan-African consciousness and continued in A Day for The Hunter, A Day for The Prey, set to elegant ensemble playing from McCalla, guitarist Daniel Tremblay and violinist, Free Feral.

Leyla McCalla - cello, banjo, vocals
Daniel Tremblay - guitar, percussion, vocals
Free Feral - violin