Photo Credit: Bishwo Harsha Bajracharya


New-school folk band Night were formed in Kathmandu in 2006. Originally they were an avant-garde metal band until founding member Jason Kunwar took a series of journeys across Nepal for his job, during which his mind was opened to the richness of Nepali music and the songs of remote villages. Back in Kathmandu, the band began procuring and learning to play an array of regional instruments such as the tungna fretless lute, sarangi fiddle, mahali reed trumpet and the original shepherd’s instrument, the paluwa, a fresh young leaf used as a reed held between the fingers, as well as an arsenal of percussion instruments and tuned drums. Along the way they’ve created a roots-inspired repertoire of beautifully arranged compositions, breathing new life into the endangered folk song traditions of rural Nepal with a young, contemporary urban spirit.

Niraj Shakya - tungna, backing vocals
Jason Kunwar - vocals, sarangi, flute, piwancha, nepali banjo, nya-khin
Sudhir Acharya - madal, dhime, nagara, murchunga, backing vocals
Birat Basnet - madal, dhime, nagara, murchunga, backing vocals, tungna
Shiva Kumar Khatri - paluwa (leaf), backing vocals
Mina Kumari Damai - vocals, murchunga, pilhru