Super Parquet

Putting the trance into transitional traditions, Super Parquet take their audiences on an acid time-trip down a sonic rabbit-hole to a subterranean workshop where subconscious folk memories of the Auvergne are electronically jolted into new life. They say their music is neither traditional nor electronic; it’s both. The buzzing overtones of the boite à bourdon (literally ‘bumblebee box’, a custom-built hurdy-gurdy/shruti hybrid) vibrate against wailing cabrette bagpipes and twanging arpeggiated loops hand-hewn on a banjo, driven by rhythmic fizzing digital machinery to extrapolate intensifying psychedelic sound-walls from the raw material of village songs and the elastic melodies of schottisches, bourées and farandoles. It’s an unstoppable mix that has pleasurably steamrollered audiences at festivals around France this summer and is poised to increase Auvergnian awareness throughout the wider cosmos.

Simon Drouhin boite - à bourdons, electronics
Antoine Cognet - banjo
Louis Jacques - cabrette, vocals
Julien Baratay - electronics, vocals


Photo Credit: none

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