Tanxugueiras by Rocio Cibes


Since 2018 the three women of Tanxugueiras – the Maniero twins, Olaia and Sabela, and Aida Tarrio – have been spreading the life-affirming rhythms and melodies of Galician traditional music across the region's borders, captivating audiences with the power of their voices and some virtuoso tambourine playing. A year later, their second album, Contrapunto, continued the reformulation of Galician expression, utilising more diverse arrangements and enhanced instrumentation. Then in 2020 they threw down a gauntlet to the purists and connected the time-honoured village sounds to some sub-woofers, releasing a single, Midas, that successfully managed to sound both thunderously contemporary and defiantly traditional at the same time and spawned a viral video. More singles appeared this year, a percussionist has been added to the line-up, and more Galician culture interventions are expected in 2022.