Xarnege by Marcos Deli
  • event type:WOMEX 16 Special Focus: Atlantic Connections
  • date:20 Oct 2016
  • time:21:00 - 21:45
  • city/area:Santiago de Compostela, Galicia
  • venue:Atlantic Connections Stage, Teatro Principal
  • country:Spain
  • event posted by:Piranha Arts


Xarnege is a Gascon word referring to the villages on either side of the Gascon-Basque border where people express themselves in both regional languages. Cultural characteristics are also shared; many folk songs are recognisably the same tune yet played differently, with different instruments, sung in a different language and danced with different steps.

The roots of these similarities go back to the ancient county of Vasconia. Xarnege the band is a meeting of experienced musicians from both communities, coming together to create a fresh crossborder fusion, contrasting, comparing and celebrating the rich repertoire of gavottes, branles, jauzis, segidas, polkas, rondeus, waltzes and mutchikoak, delivered with energetic expertise on an arsenal of local instruments such as sonsaina, salterius, txanbela, flabuta, ttun-ttun and a fine selection of local bagpipes.

Xarnege: reinventing the traditional music of Vasconia.

Juan Ezeiza - violin, alboka, bass pedal
Simon Guillaumin - hurdy gurdy, vocals, percussion
Lucia Longué - accordion, three holed flutes, string drums, besson, boha, vocals
Jean Baudoin - three hold flutes, string drums, boha, bohassa, percussions
Josean Martin - guitar, bouzouki